Pine Island Brewing Company
PIB is a passionate small-batch, grassroots company, founded by a couple of off-centered beer lovers with a cool idea, great tasting beer, hard-working attitude, and a desire to offer people a beer that is as unique as the person that enjoys it.

Pine Island Brewing Company

We are a small batch, rustic craft brewery nestled in the Black Dirt Onion FIelds of pine island, ny.


Pine Island Brewing Co. is simply about making high quality, genuine american craft beer. We are humbled to have recently received 4 medals at TapNY 2016, for our work so far! You can find more info on our beers Here.  You should also checkout our tasting room located in Pine Island, NY!  If you don’t live near Pine Island you might find the Pine Island IPA or Charlie’s Pale Ale, on tap at many of the beer bars & restaurants throughout the lower Hudson Valley.  If you haven’t already, give Pine Island Beer a try, you won’t regret it!


Needless to say, we love craft beer, and try to make the best damn beer we can, we hope you enjoy drinking it because we want to keep making it! For those of you considering visiting us at the tap room, don’t be shy, come have a pint with us and introduce yourself this weekend!

– Until then, Cheers!

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