New Phase, New Operating Name: Pine Island Brewing Company

Who is ready to raise a pint with us at our Grand Opening Weekend next week, October 24th from 12-8pm and October 25th from 1-5pm?

We are so excited to be able to open the old firehouse garage door next week and invite you into the space that we now call our brewery and taphouse. The empty space has matured quite a bit since the first time that door was raised and so has the company.

From the beginning, the brewery has operated under the banner Kraftify Brewing Company. The name was based on the concept of ‘crafting’ your own beer on the website, which means you can select the style, create a label, and get it shipped directly to your door. The name fit the idea and still does!

But something happened during the months leading up to the tap room’s opening weekend. First, Pine Island IPA was brewed, tasted, modified, and perfected! Then the Pine Island Ale was brewed, tasted, and enthusiastically approved. Then we thought to ourselves, ‘I think this Pine Island name really has something to it.’ We can do something about this.

There you have it! The name stuck and we decided to operate as Pine Island Brewing Company for all beer distributed to bars, restaurants, and beer served at our tap house and brewery.  For those of you interested in custom craft ales, do not fret we didn’t go anywhere, and we will continue operating under the name Kraftify Brewing for anything custom; you can visit to design your personalized beer very soon. The separation allows us to be more intentionally distinct and unique for each case delivered to your doorstep, but will also help you to spot your favorite beer on tap at the local pub!

How did Shakespeare put it,” a beer by any other name would taste as sweet?”  Something like that…

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

Mike Kraai

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