Signs Up!

Despite the 97 degree weather we managed to get our sign up this past Saturday!  Super thanks to Eddy Gorter for coming to help install the sign, Eddy is afraid of heights so we thought this would be a perfect job for him.

Admittedly, after hanging the first few letters “Kraft”, we debated just stopping there and opening a Macaroni and Cheese retail shop.  Later on when we had hung “Kraftify Bre” we considered becoming Kraftify Brei, the finest cheese company in Orange County, NY.  Despite the temptations, we stayed the course and hung all the letters for Kraftify Brewing Co.  Rest assured, we are oh so committed to bringing Pine Island and the surrounding areas it’s first microbrewery.

We learned a few things about ourselves that day.  First, apparently Dutch skin does not tan as well as we thought, and sun tan lotion was invented for a reason.  It was also abundantly clear that we are not professional sign installers, and we should stick to brewing beer.  Finally, we were reminded that people are excited about the brewery! Throughout the day we had about 10 people stop by to say hello, inquire about the brewery, and commit to being one of our first customers. Thank you! :)  We are extremely appreciative to all of you who have cheered us on as we embark on this journey.



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