How it started

It’s hard to say exactly when Pine Island Brewing started. You could say the inception dates back to the first time owner, Mike Kraai, popped the top off of a craft beer, or that it was the first time he turned on the burner to brew a home batch.  No matter the date, there was an undeniable love for craft beer combined with a lot of determination that eventually turned a dream into reality.

Not surprisingly, brewing became a top priority in Mike’s life rather quickly. When Mike wasn’t tackling his job as a CPA, he spent several years brewing his heart out and perfecting recipes with the intention of opening up a brewery in the New York/New Jersey area. Near the end of 2014, Mike began making specific plans and applied for a license in New York State. He also began looking for a space to call ‘home’ for the brewery and found a great location in an old firehouse in Pine Island, NY in March of 2015.

At this point, significant renovations commenced. With a family background in construction, Mike, alongside of his parents, wife, and a few friends and local workers, transformed the empty space into the tap room you see today. The 6 month make-over was completed in October 2015 when the firehouse garage door was ready to rise and Pine Island Brewing was open for business!

With the brewery thriving since opening day, Mike quit his job and became solely focused on the company by the end of 2015. With the help of his expecting wife, supportive family and friends, and a large glass of passion, 2015 became the year Mike stirred up one wild adventure to open up Pine Island Brewing.

While its history isn’t too long, its roots run deep into the heart of what makes good beer and what makes a good business.  Balancing innovation with classical recipes and great attention to detail, we invite you to be a part of building our history. Come introduce yourself, and of course, relax with good friends over a mouth-watering pint!

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