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Pine Island Beer Styles

You can find many of the below beer styles being served at local pubs
throughout the hudson valley, or rotating through our pine island tasting


Pine Island Scottish Ale

Pine Island Scottish Ale6.5% ABV – Mahogany color, with sweet layers of caramel  and a smooth crisp
finish.  Subtle cherry flavors complimented by notes of oak.  An absolute
favorite throughout the Hudson Valley! Awards; Bronze Medal, New York State,
2016 TAP NY Silver Medal, Hudson Valley Strong Ales, 2016 TAP NY


Pulaski Highway Session IPA

Pulaski Highway Session IPA4.2% ABV – This blonde india pale ale is the perfect balance between having a
full aroma and flavor yet being very drinkable.  Continuously hopped with Azacca
and Mosaic, producing notes of fruit and lemon on the finish. Pilsen malt and a
touch of wheat make up most of the grain bill. Overall just a very refreshing
and tasty ale. Enjoy!


Oatmeal Creme Stout

Oatmeal Creme Stout5% ABV – A winter seasonal delight!  Smooth and creamy upfront with a medium
brown colored head and a velvety finish.  Served on nitrogen at the Pine Island
taproom which adds to the thick body and mouthfeel. Brewed primarily with Marris
Otter, Black Malt, Flaked Oats, and Lactose.  English hop additions.


Pine Island IPA

Pine Island IPA
6.5% ABV – This American-styled IPA has a light amber color, followed by
generous dry hopping of American hops to produce a superb balance of floral
aromas and pronounced orange flavors on the finish.  Aromatic not bitter.
Awards; Bronze Medal, Hudson Valley IPA, 2016 TAP NY


Belgian Blonde

Belgian Blonde6.1% ABV – The Pine Island Belgian Blonde is a brilliant blonde color, with a
very light body.  The beer drinks super crisp and smooth as a Belgian ale
should.  On the finish you will notice spicy flavors from the Belgian yeast and
coriander additions.  The perfect beer for a hot summer day.


Pine Island Big Brown

Pine Island Big Brown10.8% ABV – (no that's not a typo) 5 premium malts layered together to produce
a brown malty body, complimented by notes of dry fruits and fig, sweet alcohol
esters on the finish. Awards; Bronze Medal, Hudson Valley Brown Ale, 2016 John
Calen Memorial Award


Charlie's Pale Ale

Charlie's Pale Ale5.2% ABV –  Brewed with some of the juiciest hops out there; Amarillo, Nelson
Sauvin, and Citra, this beer is overflowing with fruity melon aroma and flavors.
Unfiltered, intentionally hazy, and undeniably delicious. Awards; Named after
the owner's son so the beer is inherently awesome.


Son of a Peach

Son of a Peach5.8% ABV – Say hello to summer! Brewed with Pilsen, Wheat, and fresh Peaches,
this beer is tasty, full of flavor, yet quite sessionable.  The peach notes are
present but not overwhelming.  Single hopped with Amarillo for some additional
peach, and citrus aromas.


Drowned Lands Saison

Drowned Lands Saison5.9% ABV – Since Pine Island NY is famous for growing some of the best onions
in the world, we couldn't resist brewing a beer with some local produce,
onions!.  The beer is appropriately named "Drowned Lands"  since 12,000 years
ago the entire town of Pine Island, was once a glacial lake. In the 1950's
hearty farmers drained the swamp by land and left behind a beautiful black dirt
region perfect for growing onions which have now made their way into this
delicious beer.  While drinking this saison expect a light and dry body with
subtle sweet onion notes to compliment the natural saison spiciness.


Pine Island Double IPA

Pine Island Double IPA8.7 % ABV – Our hoppiest beer yet!  Brewed with an abundant amount of american
hops including Chinook, Citra, and Simcoe, this beer has fantastic aromas and
undeniably smooth hop flavors.  A relatively dry body, as a result of both
pilsen and pale base malts working harmoniously.  The high ABV blends right into
the beer, making it an overall favorite for those who enjoy hop forward styles.


Biere De Melon (Belgian Style IPA)

Biere De Melon (Belgian Style IPA)7.1% ABV – This beer combines two of the most popular styles of beer, IPAs and
Belgian style ales.  The result is a light blonde color, and a slightly hazy
body due to significant wheat additions.  On the finish you will taste the spicy
esters from Belgian yeast as well as present but not overwhelming hop flavors.
This beer is single hopped with Huell Melon, a premium German hop with subtle
honeydew melon flavors and aromas.


Pine Island Amber

Pine Island Amber5% ABV – This American Amber Ale is full of warm malt flavors and a slightly
roasted finish.  The malty body is complimented by aromatic hop additions of
Willamette, yielding mild tones of herbs, incense, and elderberry.  The malt and
hops are perfectly balanced to produce a wonderful beer for the Fall &
Winter seasons.


Seasonal Brews, or Coming Soon:

Pine Island Pumpkin Spiced Ale
Vanilla Bean Porter
Pulaski Highway (Session IPA)
Baby Brown
Berliner Weisse (Sour)


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