Pine Island Beer Made with Local Onions…and a history lesson on the ‘Drowned Lands’

Drowned Lands BeerIt is widely known that the Black Dirt region of New York consistently produces some of the best onions on earth. But did you know that this area wasn’t always considered to be a farmers’ dream?

The Wallkill River used to back up into the area because of a glacial dam and farmers would avoid the area because it was constantly flooding. They soon realized, through letting their cattle graze the area, that the land there featured magnificently rich, black dirt. It took about 30 years in the early 1800s, but eventually the farmers teamed up to build the Cheechunk Canal and with nature’s approval, the area once known as the “Drowned Lands”, became the Black Dirt Region, which is what put Pine Island, NY on the map with its onions.

When Pine Island Brewing Company opened its doors October of 2015, it added ‘beer’ to the list of things exported from the little farming village of Pine Island. In an effort to showcase two of the main products, we have created Pine Island’s version of the Frankenstein monster, the ‘Drowned Lands Saison’, and it’s delicious.

FullSizeRender (2)This saison style ale is infused with local candy onions. Expect a light and dry body, 5.8abv, with subtle sweet onion notes to compliment the saison spice. This is the real deal and it’s tasty. Are we crazy? Why don’t you come down and decide. The beer can be found at the Pine Island Brewing Company taphouse for a limited time. Go Pine Island!

For more information or further quotes, contact Mike Kraai at (973) 396-7217.

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